Why do you need a website?

It’s a simple question that in most cases gets overlooked. But why? Why in the year 2019 are you still questioning if a website is needed for your business? Because social media has enabled us for many years now to run our entire business strictly on their platforms. We can buy and sell on social media sites like facebook & instagram. So what is the need to spend all kinds of money on a website when businesses from all around the world can just easily create a social media account and run their entire business from it.

81% of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. This means if your business is only on social media, your products and or services are not showing up on big search engines like Google or Yahoo. Your customers are finding your competitors website instead. The problem people are facing today is they don’t understand that without a website, it’s extremely difficult for customers to locate your business. Not just locate in the sense of finding the location of your business, but finding more details about the products and or services your business could offer to them. For example, if I’m looking for some shoes, specifically nike air jordans and I google “nike air jodrans” I’m going to pull up nike.com website and other sites that sell these kinds of shoes. I’m not going to pull up your business social media account.

People are just not unaware that their business details are not being displayed to customers who are searching specific keywords related to products and or services they are interested in. We here at Purplelogo I.T. Solutions wants to better educate business owners and get them to understand that by not having a website, especially in 2019, your customers are finding your competitors website which results in loss of sales for you and your business.

Let Purplelogo I.T. Solutions help you with your business website. We offer a unique solution that enables you to have a website up and running with the following:

  • Logo
  • Domain ex. www.yoursite.com
  • Web Hosting
  • Business or Personal Website Theme
  • 5 Custom Email Accounts
  • On-Demand Technical Support

What makes what we do here so unique is that, unlike the traditional digital agency that requires 50% upfront to start and 50% once the website is finished, we require a small upfront fee of just P5,000 or equivalent to $100. We use this setup fee to purchase your domain name, web hosting and anything needed to get your website up and running in 30 days or less.

Based on the kind of website you would need, might it be an ecommerce or a dynamic website, the initial P5,000 will be deducted from the total contract price with the remaining balance to be paid of the course of 8-10 months again depending on the website solution you choose. Here is an outline of how this works:



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